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The Tarmac Years Vol. 2

The Tarmac Years Vol. 2

Product ID: tr-box2-dvd

These collectors sets cover 21 years of the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship and bring you through the Group A, World Rally Car, and Super 2000 eras. They include four previously unpublished Tarmac Reviews – 1991 ‘Kenny Does the Double’, 1992 ‘Fisher’s Fabulous Subaru’, 1993 ‘Fisher’s Legacy’ and 2012 ‘Great Gass!’

Each volume contains over seventeen and a half hours viewing in which you can enjoy the skills of many of Ireland’s rallying greats like, Bertie Fisher, Austin MacHale, Frank Meagher, Kenny McKinstry, Andrew Nesbitt and Eugene Donnelly.

Vol. 2 1997 to 2002

1997 – Masterful MacHale
1998 – MacHale the Maestro
1999 – Greer’s Year
2000 – The Nesbitt Express
2002 – Andrew Annihilates

Duration: 5×3 Hours

Price: £49.99