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Modified 2008 - Tail Out Talent

Modified 2008 - Tail Out Talent

Product ID: modified2008-dvd

The RPM cameras visited the Galway International, West Cork, Tour of the Sperrins, Donegal International, Lurgan Park, Shackleton, and Dog Leap rallies in 2008 to record the action of the mighty men in their Modified machines.

This is Mark II and rear-wheel-drive heaven as you watch their tail lashing antics and take a ride with some of the top Mark II men like Martin McGee on the Donegal International; Seamus O’Connell and P.J. Lawlor through the Limavady forests; and live through a ‘white knuckle’ run with Kris Meeke through the trees in Lurgan Park!
If you like it oh so sideways, this is the DVD for you!

Duration: 3 Hours

Price: £16.99