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The Archive and rights for Ireland’s popular TV series which ran for 23 years between 1991 and 2014 is available, with immediate effect, for acquisition from Tyndall Productions Ltd.

“My hope is that a person or organisation who would be interested in preserving and perpetuating this important record of Irish motorsporting history would be interested in discussing it with me.” Commented RPM’s founder Alan Tyndall.

The RPM archive, which covers Irish rallying and racing, pre-dates the start of the RPM series by five years and represents almost 400 programmes. They include the majority of the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship rounds; selected National and Northern Ireland Rallies; Retro Rallies; Rallycross; Karting; Autotesting; Hillclimbing and Trials Driving events.

RPM’s other major commitment was to the Irish motor racing scene with their programmes covering all the major Irish racing formula including, Formula Ford; Formula Ford 2000; Formula Opel-Lotus; Formula Ireland; Production Saloons; Special Saloons and One-make Saloons and Historic Racing races at Mondello, Kirkistown and Phoenix Park.

The company made numerous trips abroad to record the exploits of Irish drivers rallying in Dubai, Belgium, the USA and Barbados, and Irish racers in the Ferrari Challenge races and on the Tour de France Auto and Tour Britannia events.

The RPM Archive is offered two phases:

Phase 1 – On offer immediately are:
All camera tapes and the equipment to play and edit them on.
All edited programme master tapes.
The records of all the RPM events which include: shot lists; bulletins; results and programmes.

Phase 2 – After a five-year period:
The complete RPM DVD archive such as the ever popular ‘Tarmac Titan’ and ‘Tarmac Review’ series and box sets. ‘The Circuit Heroes’ box set and ‘Park Life’ and ‘Decades of Donegal’ event histories. Other popular DVDs such as ‘On and Off’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and driver biographies.

The full range of RPM products can be viewed on

Interested parties should contact:
Alan Tyndall. 0044 7887827150

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